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Grayt – The ever-present serving woman to Arrinay, Mistress of Kalaydan, is everywhere it would seem and yet she remains invisible.  She disapproves, subtly, lack of discipline in Gayadnae’s life.  She meets the sexual needs of Bezhyanya which Arrinay does not fulfill.  For reasons best left to the reader to discover, Arrinay does not fulfill all of her domestic obligations.  On the other hand, Arrinay is an exemplary leader to Kalaydan and in battle.  This is really not about Arrinay is it?  On top of all the other services she provides, Grayt is key in keeping The Household running smoothly.  You’ll have to read further to find what lurks beneath the surface in Grayt’s life, because, I’m not telling.

The Banasheen – Bannash is the Kalaydan word for cistern.  It is the Terran equivalent of the toilet.  Banasheen, then means, literally, the flushed or to be flushed.  When I started writing the Kalaydan Chronicles, I wanted a vampire story.  Not exactly what I got, but the Banasheen share many characteristics that Vampires do, such as feeding on the flesh and blood of the people of the surface races (not the Tertaën).  The Faerhën are the people who were created to serve the Daichi.  The two clans which migrated to the surface are the Tertaën (Grayt’s people) and the Fehyratuë (the Banasheen).  Due to a genetic error, the Banasheen became mutants with the same roots as the Tertaën.  In the war between the two clans many generations ago, it is thought the Banasheen were utterly irradicated.  The death toll to the Tertaën was astronomical as well.

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Oh, gods of mythic pleasure!  From:Troll-y Yours

Sheri Fredricks (BTS Virtual Tours) ~ Her guest post is here.

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Using Scrivener Effectively

I was delighted when I found Scrivener for writers.  I’d wanted a more functional word processing software with focus on writing.  Each scrivener file on my computer makes it easier to keep track of my writing in one way or another.  One of my files is for new ideas.  I enter the idea in a file and flesh it out until it develops into something which requires its own file.  I have one specifically for short stories which won’t reach the length of a full novelette, novel, or mega work.  Each book in progress has its own scrivener file as well.  A sub-file beneath each work in progress is used to keep track of characters, text I need to get into the story somewhere, timelines, and other needed information to keep things on track in a cohesive way.  You’ll find I talk about Scrivener often.  For the price, especially, and with all the bells and whistles, it works great for me and makes writing a pleasure rather a chore consisting of my trying to keep track of things.

pearly droplets newsletter flipflop miscellaneous

The Writer’s Bookshelf ~ What I have on mine
The Chicago Manual of Style
The Elements of Mystery Fiction:  Writing the Modern Whodunit
The Writer’s Harbrace Handbook
Write Great Fiction:

Characters, Emotion and Viewpoint
Description and Setting
Plot and Structure
Revision and Self Editing

I’ll share more selections in subsequent newsletters.

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The New Kid On The Block ~ The eReader:

I recently acquired an eReader. Yes, me!  I had vowed never to allow one through the front door of my house.  Well, that changed with the Nook tablet.  I find I can carry it along with me when I’m on the run and get reading and such done for reviews, enjoyment and other nitnoi.  Why did I not want one previously?  I’m old school and a bit of a dinosaur.  I love the smell of a good book as I’m chillaxing with a favorite author.  I love that that lovely smell intensifies with the age of the book.  Yes, I love moldy old books.  So, this cold bit of technology which I’ve found a bit of use for, has other functions a well.  I can keep up with email on the run (well, see what’s coming in) and also upload .pdf books to my device as well.  The Amazon Kindle app for tablets runs perfectly on my Nook.  I’ve increased my virtual library with just the addition of another application.  And, it has flexibility which can be optimized with the addition of other applications.  I was amazed to find, as well, that I can make minor edits in the pdf files I’ve uploaded for reading.  This allows me to get a jump on reviews I have in the making.  So, the eReader has an elevated status now in my household as honored guest.


In work as Grinelda Markowitz:

The Training (The Kalaydan Chronicles: Book II)
Johnny B. Goode
Mother’s Milk [working title]
A Ghostly Tale, or Two
Ailbhe and Ciarra
I Thought You Were Dead [working title]

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From left to right:  Arrinay, Grayt, Gayadnae, Bezhyanya.
From the Kalaydan Chronicles:  Book I ~ The Moon-kissed Chi

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If you’d like to be a guest author for this newsletter, please email me (grinelda.markowitz@gmail.com) letting me know which of two dates Aug 2, Sept 6, Oct 4 and Nov 1 would work for you.  I’ll give you the first of the two which is available.  I have slots for tour stops, interviews, blog posts, character interviews and new releases.  Let me know which you prefer.

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