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Gayadnae – In the city of Kalaydan, as in most any other societies, young people go through a great deal of angst about life and living and their futures, especially just before they reach the age of majority.  In spite of being the young mistress, Gayadnae doesn’t have these issues all sewn up any better than her peers.  Her perception that she has no control over the direction her life takes is brought to the forefront of her awareness when she learns her parents intend she start the training a whole two years before other Kalaydans are required to begin.  Of course, she immediately goes on the defensive and comes up with a plot to get herself off their radar and on her own without the threat of the training hanging over her head.  But she hadn’t counted on Grayt nor Muntaën.  And, she comes right up against the mirror of herself.  Why life can’t be as simple as when she’s on the martial arts floor with her teacher, she hasn’t a clue.

The Crystaline Being – In Book One of The Kalaydan Chronicles, the crystaline being is introduced but not explained.  I won’t explain everything here either.  However, as the story continues to unfold there will be more forthcoming.  At this point one can assume it doesn’t mean harm to any of the individuals who have witnessed its presence.  In further scenes you’ll learn that others before have spoken or written of this entity as well.  What’s noteworthy is that it appears in both genres.

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author image 01Nora Weston’s fiction and poetry slips in-between and all around science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Her publishing credits include the novels Guardian 2632 and The Twelfth Paladin, plus anthologies, magazines, and e-zines. Themes found in Nora’s work relate to good against evil, Internet safety, the powerful consequences for one’s actions, and the ability we all possess to improve the world. She’s had the pleasure of reaching people through the airwaves on radio stations throughout the US. Recently, her work was published for Bête Noire and Crack the Spine. Feel free to download previous interviews and segments from Desmond Haas/Romance Radio Network and Blog Talk Radio’s Not Picture Perfect, plus B.K. Walker has interviewed Nora on Blog Talk Radio as well.

Nora Weston (BTS Virtual Tours) ~ Her guest post is here.

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So what genre is your book? 

One of the most difficult things an author must do, in my opinion, is classify the genre to which their story belongs.  Having looked into the process a bit I now realize the purpose of the genre is for more than just making it easy for book sellers to shelve books in their stores.  The selection genre is really the first opportunity your book has to introduce itself to it’s most appropriate audience.  It also determines things like word count, voice and the direction or presentation your book takes.  Avid readers of particular books may pass over a book they would otherwise enjoy if it’s not “tagged” with their genre of preference.  I’ve included a few links below to start your research into the area of genre.  I now know that my book, The Moon-kissed Chi, would be better labeled, speculative fiction.  In acquainting yourself with available genres from which to choose, be sure to mind the umbrella categories as well.

Identify Your Novel’s Genre

Genre Descriptions (Fiction Only)

Genre Fiction (Wikipedia)

Genre (The Knite Way)

Is It a Genre That Starts With F? Breaking Down Genres

Where Does My Book Fit? Figuring Out Your Genre

Finding Your Story’s Genre: Genre Descriptions

YA Genres 101: What category does your YA novel fall into?

Choosing Your Genre

Word Count By Genre

Determining Your Novel Word Count

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Following Instructions 

I found the YouTube videos below entertaining, humorous and spot-on as well.  The other day, I visited the website of a small publisher to familiarize myself with the submissions guidelines for their company.  The first thing I did was print out those guidelines, then proceed onto the next step.  I then underlined each task, item of information or method of contact I had the option to use or was required to provide.  I then numbered each underlined requirement.

What this does is organize the “author info packet” into steps I can follow.  It’s important that the first impression a potential agent or publisher has of me and my book be a positive one.  Being able to follow instructions is part and parcel of the image projecting process the author goes through when pimping their books.  You don’t want to be known as the author with whom the editor had to make several contact efforts in order to acquire all of the material which was originally requested in the instructions they had provided.  I use pen and paper for the initial process of submitting to a publisher.

Trying to complete the requirements for a submission via cell phone or tablet just isn’t going to work.  What these devices will be best used for is creating the message to which the materials will be attached and then sent to the appropriate address.  As much as being highly mobile is greatly desired these days, I deal with a majority of my communication from a desk- or laptop computer.  This isn’t the time to discuss the limitations of certain types of communications devices, however.

Have you ever participated in the icebreaker game in which two people pair up and they take turns giving and receiving instructions while one party in their duo is blindfolded or facing away from their partner?  How well do you fair.  I usually do well at giving and receiving instructions.  But no matter how good a person is at providing instructions, if the recipient isn’t able to properly process those instructions, the communication will break down and the goal will not be realized.  So, since each individual processes “data” differently and with varying facility, it’s important to know how you best receive instructions and accurately execute them.  It’s important to find a way that works best for you to process details accurately.

Links to YouTube videos:




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The job hunting process.

I have been job hunting for several months and it occurred to me that the query and submission process is not unlike the job application process.  I’ve noted below some of the processes which are similar and what they do in common.

1.  Introduce yourself:  Bio or Background Experience

2.  Introduce your abilities:  Job History or Excerpt

3.  Express interest in opportunity:  Query Letter or Cover letter

4.  Tease:  Blurb or Resume

5.  Demonstrate Ability:  Portfolio or Chapter Outline


In work as Grinelda Markowitz:

The Training (The Kalaydan Chronicles: Book II)
Johnny B. Goode
Mother’s Milk [working title]
A Ghostly Tale, or Two
Ailbhe and Ciarra
I Thought You Were Dead [working title]

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From left to right:  Arrinay, Gayadnae, Bezhyanya and Grayt.
From the Kalaydan Chronicles:  Book I ~ The Moon-kissed Chi

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If you’d like to be a guest author for this newsletter, please email me (grinelda.markowitz@gmail.com) letting me know which of two dates Aug 2, Sept 6, Oct 4 and Nov 1 would work for you.  I’ll give you the first of the two which is available.  I have slots for tour stops, interviews, blog posts, character interviews and new releases.  Let me know which you prefer.

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