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Bezhyanya – Sworn bedmate to Arrinay, the ruling Mistress of Kalaydan.  Zhya, as family and close friends call him, is huge.  His massive size is the result of the many times he’s channeled energy from the Chamber floor.  He’s the only male to have channeled Daichi energy mulitple times without the insulation of the instrument and retained his sanity and virility.  He dotes on his daughter, Gayadnae.  She’s a might mamsy-pamsy about her da as well.  He has a kind and gentle nature and makes everyone his friend easily.  The greatness of his nature is underscored by the deep love and devotion he has for Arrinay and Grayt, the two women in his life who share his bed.  These two women are very different in nature and character, yet Zhya is able to love them well and deeply.  There’s even more to Bezhyanya than this and you can find out more about it in The Kalaydan Chronicles:  Book I ~ The Moon-kissed Chi.

Stable Master – Keeper of all things equine for The Household.  He’s the only one of the stable staff who can manage Thronde, Bezhyanya’s horse, to any degree.  He runs the stable’s affairs with the efficiency of one born to equine husbandry, but he wasn’t.  He’s one of the few characters in the book who knew Zhya in his “street scrapper” days.  He’s matter-of-fact, and brooks no nonsense from anyone.  There’s no question he’s ever called Bezhyanya by other than his nickname, Zhya, ever.  Learn more about Stable Master in The Kalaydan Chronicles:  Book I ~ The Moon-kissed Chi.

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author imageAmnesia, dark dreams of a former existence, and a soul’s path split in two. Exactly what is Kirra Munro hiding from? ~ Once a Druid.  Due for publication April 25th, 2013

SJ Byrne discusses her book, Once a Druid, in her author interview here.

author image 01 All’s fair in love and war, they say. Come find out if it’s true in these ten stories where soldiers prove that their skills in the field are only rivaled by their skills in the bedroom.

Angelica Dawson discusses her book, Serviced, in her author interview here.

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Writing Dialogue:  How Not To Lose Track Of Who’s Talking

There are many elements comprising dialogue.  One is puctuating it, another is making it difficult for the reader to get lost in the string of dialogue.  There are other elements which are also important, but those are the two components I want to explore in this section of the newsletter.

1.  “Toni, I’ll be home soon,” he said.
2.  “Toni, I’m starved,” he said.  “Please have something ready for me to eat, when I get there.”
3.  “What is this?”  He asked.

Notice in number 1, the comma comes before the quotation marks and the period ends the whole of the sentence.  In the second example, the same applies for the first part of the narrative, but the second part is a complete sentence in itself and enclosed in quotation marks.  The third example introduces dialogue involving a question.  Notice there are two complete sentences.

For the next example, I’ll write a short dialogue between three girls.  This dialogue explores making it easy for the reader to know what’s going on.
“So, are you ready for tomorrow, Sue?” She asked.
“Ready for what, Sharon?”  Lisa asked.
“The test in Biology.”
“That’s right, Sharon.  I almost forgot,” Sue said.
“You can come over to my house and study with me, if you want, Sue.”
“I just might do that, thanks,” Sue replied.  “I’ll call you.  Me and Lisa have to go in now.”
“Okay, I’ll talk to you two later then.”

So did you have any trouble following who was saying what?  I didn’t need to identify who was speaking with each line of dialogue.  Did you have trouble following who was saying what?  Notice I’ve also included clues within the dialogue as well to make it easier to tell who is speaking.  The example above is very simplistic.  I’ve included a few links below to more information.

Grammar Girl
Writer’s Digest
Creative Writing Now
Robert J. Sawyer
Daily Writing Tips
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The Demise of the Value of Good Penmanship

When I was a school girl, all those many years ago, I went to Catholic school.  Penmanship was part of the regular curriculum.  I loved doing letters.  That love of writing is still with me as not only do I pen many parts of my stories with pen and paper, I also write letters to friends several times a year.  It’s my tradition to go camp out at the local coffee house and write to those on my list of letter recipients.

I feel strongly that writing facilitates the flow of thought and that it’s invaluable to the cognitive process.  But, what do I know.  I’ve not done any research in the area.  I just know that when I think through things on paper the thoughts and resolutions seem to flow as the ink does from the pen’s tip.  Walking is my next best facilitator of thought, but I do that fairly infrequently.  If I could feign ingnorance about the health hazards, I’d be a couch potatoe, no lie!

I can see the appeal of keyboarding over handwriting to the generations of gamers who probably eschew writing by hand.  When was the last time you took stock of your handwriting?  Penned a note to a friend or left a bit of love on the refrigerator for your children?  If I could, I’d spearhead a campaign to ban keyboarding and enforce handwriting as the only means of textual communication.  Well, maybe not totally abolish.

My next writing date is around the corner;  I need to shop for another pretty set of stationery.  Do you know how hard it is to find a lovely design of stationery, or even stationery long enough for a letter as opposed to a note?  I’d better start a little sooner on that shopping, now that I think of it.

The Slate Book Review
The Houston Chronicle
1st Webdesigner
Pedagogy of the Crowd

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I’ve done a few guest posts on various blogs.  My favorite spot to have been hosted was Nuthouse Scribblers.  The staff is very welcoming to their guests and the posts by authors are very interesting to read.  I pop in there from time to time to see who’s up.  I felt really comfortable posting there and can’t wait to do so again.

One of my next articles for the newsletter will be in the form of a checklist and other information for doing your guest post.  My first few posts were really taxing for me.  I actually researched several guest posts to get a feel for what direction to go in.  Fortunately, I had met a wonderful mentor figure, Peggy, and she actually helped me to get through it.

Of the other hosts I’ve visited with, I’ve really found those that provide an outline and guideline for what they expect to receive from me to be the least stressful to work with.  That was until I gained more confidence in how to do a guest post.  For this reason I provide a packet of information which includes guidelines, a sample of what the post should resemble, and questions or suggested ideas for completing the post.  My thoughts are to make it easier for new writers so their experience isn’t an unpleasant one.

I’ve guested on a few other blogs besides Nuthouse Scribblers and found each to have their own positive and sometimes negative elements to deal with.  In the case of all but one, most hosts have been quite willing to answer questions.  I make it a point to read any information or guidelines provided so as to not ask questions that are answered therein.

Nuthouse Scribblers
Jamallah Bergman’s Stories of Love and Romance
Danielle Austen
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