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Muntaën is Gayadnae’s Kallish [a ruling woman’s bedsworn].  Their meeting was arranged by Grayt under circumstances with the typical Kalaydan brand of strangeness.  Very quickly Gayadnae’s feelings for him begin to stir and she recognizes immediately he’s a man of depth and sensitivity.  In The Kalaydan Chronicles:  Book I ~ The Moon-kissed Chi, Muntaën is introduced.  We learn much more about him in Book II.  One thing the reader also learns about Muntaën in the first book is that he is part Tertaën, the race of people to who Grayt and Hawne belong.  Muntaën is stocky and well-muscled.  Book II, The Training is in work and will hopefully be out by the winter of this year.

The Warriors’ Guild is the household for warriors in the city of Kalaydan.  The security and safety of all of Kalaydan rests on the shoulders of the Warrior Guild’s members.  The are one of two guilds entitled to funds from the city’s funds.  The Guild welcomes street scrappers and formally trained fighters.  It sports a co-ed environment.  The women of the guild are also fierce fighters and use the energies of the male members of the guild (or any other male who isn’t stopcocked) on the battle field.  There are three reasons a male of Kalaydan doesn’t stopcock, is koqqold.  One, is that they are not able to learn how to.  The second reason is they are Kallish.  The third and most pertainant is that they are members of the guild.  A male who is entitled to the right to not stopcock or can wear the codpiece and only they can do so.  This serves as warning to women in their vacinity there is a male around who isn’t stopcocked and thus to be sure they are doubly stopcocked.  Stopcocking is the ability to prevent one’s chi energy from being leached, in the case of males  Women is forewarned  to not pull energy that is so free-flowing and to protect themselves from becoming overwhelmed by the energy of an unstopcocked male.

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Prescott Woods is in trouble! A belly dancing lawyer, a stray cat of highly questionable origin, and a particularly malodorous gnome come to the rescue. In her quest to save her home, Carmen uncovers magic in the trees and a unique natural spa. Passion flares in the woods and all is definitely not as it appears…

Bebe Balocca discusses her book, Bubbles and Troubles, in her author interview here.

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…This novel has it all. Steamy romance, budding relationship, growth, family values, life lessons and yes … that unexplainable feeling of being alone while being in the arms of the one you love. The plot was clear and concise. This story from beginning to end had me empathize with each and every character…. Sass Cadeaux, Goodreads

Martha Emms discusses her book, Portrait of Our Marriage, in her author interview here.

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Most everyone that uses the internet is familiar with the abbreviation NSFW which stands for “not safe for work.”  In the WIKI article for which the link is below, NSFW is content of the sort you’d not want to be seen or traced as having accessed while at work, in other formal settings or in another public place.  As an author I won’t claim there’s any responsibilities for authors to consider the content of their book covers or other images contained within the pages of their books, but I do have a few thoughts on the subject.

When working with my cover artist (Fantasia Frog Designs) on covers she’s done for me, I express the need for the images to be fairly PG-13+.  I know there have been times I’ve opened a post, or followed a link to find the content is something I’d prefer to open at home.  There are times I’ve been at a public place using my computer and suddenly become aware that someone is curious (nosy) about what’s on my screen.  People do it.  It’s not unlike the urge people have when walking by a house to look into windows that aren’t curtained.  Curtains don’t keep out the peeping toms though (the equivalent would be wi-fi hackers).  There are people who go to cafe’s and other public hot-spots and try to view what other users on the wi-fi are doing on their devices.

Even if going to the extremes that I do when designing a cover to be as close to work safe as possible isn’t what other authors want to do, I at least label email links which populate content with NSFW content before sending.  Just like including tags in the summary of a book as to content would alert the reader to possibly sensitive material, so does NSFW.  These tags allow a person to use judgement when following links and opening internet links.


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What is middle-grade content?

In a previous newsletter I talked about acronyms and abbreviations as used in writing.  The term, middle-grade, falls under my category of terminology that isn’t commonly known.  I came across this term in an article I read not too long ago and i didn’t understand what it meant.  Nor, did I get responses from anyone to my inquiries.  Search engine searches yielded nothing.  I’m sure that if I were to search today, there’d be a ton of stuff out there  in answer to the question.  This term is only one of a number of terms I have come across since I started writing seriously.  I’ve included a few links below to “glossaries.”  The last link is to a Wikipedia article in which the term “middle-grade” is discussed in terms of young-adult fiction.  When I think terminology I use is perhaps not common to a significant number of people who might read something I’ve written, I don’t necessarily define the word or phrase, but instead I provide clues as to meaning in context with what I mean.

Writing & Publishing Terminology 101
A Writer’s Lexicon
Glossary of Writer’s Terms
Young Adult Fiction – Wikipedia
pearly droplets newsletter shamrock aboutRecently I experienced a change in employment and am still in the process of moving into other means of earning an income.  I’ve been using the extra time not spent earning an income getting in some extra writing.  I can imagine this lull between jobs is similar to the feeling of a writer experiences when one book is complete and the next one hasn’t been started.  The act of selling myself to a potential employer isn’t unlike what I’ve done when trying to sell my book to someone. Honesty is a quality that is very important to me.  I was shocked a few years ago when the office that assists veterans to find jobs supported the actions of their staff wherein they changed my resume and added false information, thus inflating my employment history.  A few friends told me later that “everyone” does this.  I can’t bring myself to do it.  The readers of a writer’s book are equalizers in the equation when authors sell their books under false representation.  The readers will set the world straight via reviews of a book on the quality of the writing, its enjoyability and entertainment value (I’m talking about fiction).  So as I’m sitting there eyeballing a potential employer and they’re eyeballing me, I feel secure in the knowledge that no matter what the outcome of the interview, I’d provided what was needed for them to make an educated decision and arrive at an answer.  The same for the reader, there’s no muddying the water with false claims, they’ll soon know the truth of the matter once they open the cover.
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