Pearly Droplets Newsletter January 2013Hi there! Welcome to  “The Pearly Droplets.”

Disn'n the Books

From the quirkiness of her daughter to the equine escapades of Bezhyanya (her sworn bedmate) and Grayt, Arrinay, ruler and sworn bedmate to Bezhyanya, is also faced with many concerns throughout her day, concerns she handles with grace and poise and dignity. But will she be able to meet the challenges to come?  Her many attributes make her more than suited to her role as leader and War Mistress.  The culmination of the line of ruling women is illustrated in her daughter, Gayadnae.  I’ll talk more about how special Gayadnae really is in subsequent newsletters.

Chi, Daichi, Gaichi
Chi is an elemental, sensual energy present in all aspects of Kalaydan life.  Chi is sentient to the degree that lower life forms, such as pets, are.  It is off-gassed by Daichi energy.  In the November 2012 issue of this newsletter, I discuss the legend of the Great Cod.  The Great Cod is the progenitor of the Gaichi and the Gaichi begat the Daichi.  The Daichi is the source of energy used on the battlefield by the ruling family.  Chi plays a large role in the sex drive of the people of Kalaydan.

Featured Author

TL Bliss

TL Bliss

Pennsylvania and South Carolina are now intertwined and bonded forever through the lives of this family who struggle to learn why the past was so daunting on their future.

Broken Circle of Life” is a heartwarming and very compelling story that ends with a twist of fate. Based on a family who is torn apart at the hands of the family matriarch, Grace Elizabeth’s mother, Lisa.  Throughout the story, the family encounters realizations about other family members that are sure to destroy the lives of the innocent, but actually only make the bond stronger.

You will understand more of the saga as you read through this enlightening story that asks will a little love, a little pain, a little praying, a lot of truth telling, faith building, tears, joy, and heartache make the broken circle whole again?

Click to view complete interview.


Sheryl Sorrentino

Sheryl Sorrentino

“The Floater,” is the Rocky of legal dramas. Attorney and protagonist Norma Reyes—hired as an overqualified secretarial floater and forced to battle long odds in a high powered law firm—is often beaten down but never knocked out. Gritty and necessarily graphic, The Floater is a well-written and spellbinding ride through Lilly Ledbetter-glass ceilings and racial barriers. Shocking, uplifting, and enlightening, The Floater is a dramatic tour de force.” NY Times Bestselling author Ken Morris (author of Blind Allegiance to Sarah Palin, Man in the Middle, Deadly Trade).

Click to view complete interview.

writerly thoughtsPromotional Swag

I recently placed an order with POD (print on demand) services for swag.  Oh, swag, by my definition, is anything you give away in a promotional effort.  Per thefreedictionary.com, it means:

swag  (swg)



a. An ornamental drapery or curtain draped in a curve between two points.
b. An ornamental festoon of flowers or fruit.
c. A carving or plaster molding of such an ornament.
2. Promotional items, especially when given for free, considered as a group.
3. Slang Stolen property; loot.
4. Australian The pack or bundle containing the personal belongings of a swagman.
5. Slang Herbal tea in a plastic sandwich bag sold as marijuana to an unsuspecting customer.

intr.v. swagged, swag·ging, swags

1. Chiefly British To lurch or sway.
2. Australian To travel about with a pack or swag.

[Probably of Scandinavian origin.]

swag [swæg]


1. Slang property obtained by theft or other illicit means
2. Slang goods; valuables
3. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) an ornamental festoon of fruit, flowers, or drapery or a representation of this
4. a swaying movement; lurch
5. (Earth Sciences / Physical Geography) Midland English dialect a depression filled with water, resulting from mining subsidence
6. (Clothing & Fashion) Austral and NZ informal (formerly) a swagman’s pack containing personal belongings
go on the swag Austral and NZ informal to become a tramp
swags of Austral and NZ informal lots of

vb swags, swagging, swagged

1. Chiefly Brit to lurch or sag or cause to lurch or sag
2. (Fine Arts & Visual Arts / Art Terms) (tr) to adorn or arrange with swags

3. (intr) Austral informal to tramp about carrying a pack of personal belongings

[perhaps of Scandinavian origin; compare Norwegian svagga to sway]

Word trails are fun to follow.  Well, back the the topic at hand.  In the context of “promotional items, especially when given for free,” I’m working to establish my brand with regard to my erotic writing efforts.  I need a way to promote this evolving brand, Grinelda Markowitz (Author of Erotic Fiction).  My swag purchase is wending it’s way to me as we speak and per the shipping company, FedEx, it should be here soonest, even two days earlier than promised by the print company.  I splurged on biz cards and bookmarks.

I did a bit of research (and plan to do more) on things to consider when designing promotional items.  One thing I’ve done, and will continue to do is to compare marketing materials of other authors or business professionals to see what makes their material work or not.  This was one of the recommendations I found in my research, also.  So, when you go to a real life event pick up the offerings on the tables of the various authors or other vendors you encounter.  I like, also, to analyze what makes one design work well for one line of business and why it might not for another.  As an author, you should also include your book title on the card (promote only one per card) and where it can be purchased.  Include your email and primary social media information as well.  You want a polished professional look.  Home printing rarely fits the previous recommendation unless you have a high-end printer.  Be concientious of font size.  Many people require glasses for reading.  They should be able to read your font easily with their glasses.  I use this measure for font size rather than persons not challenged in visual function.

These are some of the many forms your swag might take:  business cards and bookmarks, post cards, trading cards, brochures, book thongs, note pads, key chains, mini books, business cards, promotional pens and cds, themed knick knacks, candy, cover flats, and mouse pads.   I’m sure there are at least a few out there I didn’t mention.  For me, business cards and bookmarks are top priority.  I play to play with trading cards at a later date, probably to promote The Training, book two of The Kalaydan Chronicles.  Being a caffeine addict, I like the idea of mugs.  Tote bags are also a good idea.  The more costly the promotional items the more targeted the recipient group should be.  So, for the tote bags, I’d provide those to top buyers of my books or say the thirteenth (arbitrary number) book purchaser at an event.  Remember, you want to put your brand, your product, in the sites of your potential customers and established customer base as much as possible.

My recent order was from Overnight Printing.  I received a sample package from them yesterday, and hope the quality of the items I received are exemplary of what I will experience with my order.  I’ve also used Vista Print.  I was not disappointed with them either.  My local options are Office Depot (or their online store) and the local university’s print shop.  There are many more options out there both local to you and online.  Take pride in the “herald” of your brand and it will be the vangard you need to promote your books and writing.

Below are links to some of the informative articles I found online in my research on this topic:

How to Create Effective Promotional Materials for Your Book
Book Buzz – 5 Effective Ways to Distribute Promotional Materials
Thirteen Cheap Promo Items for Authors
Book Promotion Ideas – Promoting Your Book – Promote Book
Five Promotional Items for Your First Book

Some non-swag promotional options:  website, giveaways, YouTube clips and trailers, news releases.

MiscellaneousWriters’ magazines are a very important resource for me.  Besides being chock full of juicy tidbits and tips on things writerly, they also provide an opportunity for me to glean fodder for my writing.  But, the opportunity doesn’t come in the way that you might first assume.  That’s because I people-watch while I peruse my magazines.  The people watching comes in because I usually trundle over to the cafe where I purchase the magazines and an appropriate beverage and snack.  Guess I gotta keep the calorie count up.  So, while my mind is chewing on one of the juicy nibbles plucked from the serving tray of writerly edification, my eyes are roaming over the other occupants of the too small cafe and  a small corner of my mind is making notes.~~~~~~~~~~

In the last issue of The Pearly Droplets, I discussed Scrivener Writers’ Editting Software.  Stop in and peruse the December 2012 issue.

On GrinnieI’ve found the demands on my time of late are so great, I’m only able to “dash in and out” when it comes to getting any writing done.  If I hadn’t organized my works in progress to the point I have, I’d be hard pressed to know easily the status of my various projects.  As a result of this planning ahead, I am able to pick up where I left off when an opportunity to write comes along.  Participating in blog hops and guest blogging also allows me to expand my writing options while doing a bit of promoting.  In preparing for guest blogs or blog hops, I try to make sure I write something new and fresh for the selection.

*I discuss some of my organizational strategies in the “200 Words of Wisdom” topic on the main blog.
*Another great resource is “The Glossy Groove” in which I discuss articles from various writers’ magazines.



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