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Sorry the topics below didn’t make it into this issue.  I was having issues with the inet conx and browser that night and well; these things happen.  I’ll talk about Arrinay, and the energies of Kalaydan in the January issue.


Gaichi, Daichi, Chi

Featured Author

Today Author Laura Cooper is visiting The Pearly Droplets  to talk about herself the individual, and as a writer, and also to discuss her books, and other things.  Please give her a warm welcome by visiting the link below to comment.

Laura Cooper, Guest Author

We also have Author Pat Blair visiting The Pearly Droplets  today  to discuss her books, and herself as both writer and an individual.  Please folow the link and comment to show her a warm reception.

Pat Blair, Guest Author

Virtual Tour Guest Author

Laura Hunter“If I’m meant to be so special, can’t I do more to help? The world is falling down because of me.”- Scarlett, The Chronicleof Fire and Ice

Laura Hunter Will be stopping in to the blog December 21.  Coming Soon!

Writerly Thoughts

Scrivener is word-processing software designed with the writer in mind.  Originally a software application for Mac users, it is now available for Windows users.  Some of the features available include:  corkboard, text editing, outliner, integration between the previous three features, collections, name generator, automatic backups, scrivenings, and more.  Visit Scrivener’s home on the web for more information about the features mentioned herein, not mentioned, and other details.

I keep one file for the first glimmerings of my stories, then move them to their own scrivener file once they’re ready for more fleshing out and completion.  Microsoft Word was always lacking for my needs when writing.  I find there are so many useful components in the software, I don’t even use a fraction of them.  Scrivener is also available for Linux users.  The best description I’ve read of Scrivener is that it’s a complete writing studio.

So, who put it all together?  Click here to find out.

Twitter:  @ScrivenerApp

MiscellaneousItems of interest found in recently purchased writers’ magazines.

Writer’s Digest:  The Writer’s Digest, Short Short Story Writing Competition, is accepting entries until December 17, 2012.  Keep abreast of Writer’s Digest other writing competitions by visiting their contest page often.

Query Tracker:  Just what it says.  Keeps track of your queries and submissions as well as seek agents.

Short Fiction Contest for Emerging Writers:  Deadline is December 31.  Enough time to enter.  Writers’ guidelines for the magazine.

Reject A Hit:  HOW TO ENTER REJECT-A-HIT ~ Ever wish you could be the one doing the rejecting? Take the WD challenge by humorously rejecting a hit in 300 words or fewer. Send your letter to wdsubmissions@fwmedia.com with “Reject a Hit” in the subject line. Yours could appear in a future issue! (Submitted pieces may be edited for space or clarity.)  Visit the link for examples.  NOTE:  The most current details and examples are available in the current Writer’s Digest.

The Writer:  Follow your dream, but don’t quit your day job

Poets and Writers:  Classifieds ~ Writing contests, conferences, workshops, editing services, calls for submissions, and more.

On GrinnieDefining qualifying writing activities to myself.  I’ve been thinking it’s possible I’m the only writer wishing more time to do the actual writing.  Of course, most of you writers out  I’m delusional, right?  So, I’ve come to realize that not all writing has to be work on my works-in-progress (wip’s).  The articles I write for my blog, the snippets I jot down in the in the stories I’ve printed out and tote around with me are qualifying acts of writing.

Believe it or not, the organizing of stuff specific to my writing like filing, buying pens, stocking up on other supplies qualifies.  This means I’m staying on top of my progress and am aware of where I am along the way.  But, also, I have a sheet I maintain of all my wip’s and the last time I touched them, etc.  This is invaluable to keep me from letting something drop through the cracks.

I keep several notebooks in my purse.  One notebook for my pottery effort so I can always refer back to what I did for a specific piece if I need to duplicate it, another is for writing, the third is for other noting and leaving of notes.  These are small notebooks I get from Wal-Mart.  They’re about a third of the size of a composition notebook.  I also keep an ongoing things-to-do list on which I build my next grocery list, note parts of stories that need to come next, keep track of other things I need to do to keep my life moving forward.  I use the calendar on my blackberry extensively to keep track of deadlines I need to meet and other appointments.

My goal is for the nitnoi tasks associated with writing to become less demanding than the actual pen to paper / fingers to keyboard work.  My social networking is something I keep writing no matter what.  I also use the social media for networking and promoting my work so when something is completed, I have a receptive potential reader-base to present it to.


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